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Creating an omni-channel approach to mobile marketing

using Data-Driven, Machine-Learning Automation

We’re excited to bring our new Mobile Moments platform to the iGaming industry.
It blows other MMA & player retention platforms out of the water,
pushing Mobile Marketing & Mobile CRM far beyond 2016.
— Dorothy Creaven, Chief Executive of Element Wave


:: Personalised mobile player campaigns ::

:: Innovative mobile CRM techniques ::

:: Measurable marketing to deliver real results ::

:: Easy SDK integration for your development team ::

:: KPI tracking for effective reporting ::

:: Mobile CRM at its best ::

Let us help you.

We understand your challenges when it comes to mobile.

Real-Time Personalisation

Automatically create compelling messages influencing players to deposit and bet.


Each Player Is Unique

Personalise mobile moments to create unique experiences based on user activity. 

Social Reinforcement

Create a sense of community & automatically share popular local bets with players in the same location.


Target: Conversion Stage

Target players depending on their stage in the player funnel.


Segment Your Audience

Relevant messages lead to higher conversion rates. Segment using bet history, preferences & more.



Relentless KPI Tracking

Ensure your efforts are creating value. Know what determines a successful campaign. 

Measure & Analyse Success

Understand the trends and actions that are creating the best player feedback.

Watch Players Respond

Create smarter campaigns. See how your mobile audience reacts historically & in real-time. 

Platforms Supported: