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Mobile Marketing Automation
for the iGaming industry

Real-time Personalisation

Automatically create compelling messages influencing players to deposit and bet.

Each Player is Unique

Personalise mobile moments to create a unique experiences based on user activity.


Social Reinforcement

Create a sense of community and automatically share popular local bets with players in the same location.

Target: Conversion Stage

Target players depending on their stage in the player funnel.


Segment your Audience

Relevant messages lead to high conversion rates. Segment using bet history, preferences and more.

Relentless KPI Tracking

Ensure your efforts are creating value. Know what determines a successful campaign


Measure and Analyse Success

Understand the trends and actions that are creating the best player feedback.

Watch Players Respond

Create smarter campaigns. See how your mobile audience reacts historically and in real-time.

Creating an omni-channel approach to mobile marketing using data-driven, machine-learning automation

Personalised mobile player campaigns

Innovative mobile CRM techniques

Measurable marketing to deliver real results

Easy SDK integrations for your development team

KPI tracking for effective reporting

Mobile CRM at its best

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